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Reiki / Energy Healing 1
Deep Relaxation, Balance & Well-Being

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Reiki / Energy Healing 1 (Testimonials)
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7.5 hours (incl. lunch break)
$320 (incl. GST)
No previous training is required
- Energy Healing Level 1 E-Manual (Emailed)
- Certificate
Only available as part of the Healer Training,
with a 10% discount


The energy healing systems offered at Connecting Light have been carefully selected amongst dozens, over years, based on the power, effectiveness and complementarity of their attunements and energies.

Reiki / Energy Healing 1 is an excellent starting point into the world of energy healing and to begin your own healing and personal development journey. These energies are especially great to deeply relax your being and promote physical health and well-being.

This course is included in the full Healer Training.



Reiki / Energy Healing
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Course Description - Sydney

The Reiki / Energy Healing 1 workshop (official Reiki 1 course - Sydney) is a first and very important step towards deep relaxation, health, balance and wellbeing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This Sydney energy healing / Reiki course will give you all the tools you need to start you own self-healing and development journey for your personal benefits only, or to start training as a professional energy healing or teacher.

This workshop will teach you about the holistic nature of the human body, the chakras, the different energy bodies that create the aura, Reiki healing, Seichem, healing energies and how to channel them, how to protect yourself from negativity, perform grounding, heal or cut energy cords with others, and how to use powerful energies to heal and even transform yourself. Students will also learn how to heal food, plants and animal, and how to perform treatments on others (to become a qualified Energy Healing Practitioner, a level 2 qualification is however required).

These energy attunements will also develop your higher chakras and therefore your psychic abilities, or rather your psychic potential that our Sydney psychic training courses will help you explore and utilise to complement your healings, receive intuitive guidance or for other purposes.

This Sydney Reiki course (Haymarket - Inner City) was designed by Jerome Baudel for complete beginners and for people who are already on their self-development path. It combines the full traditional Reiki training with extra and complementary energy attunements: Seichem 1 and Christ Energy (Christ here is a non-religious reference to a higher spiritual consciousness and healing ability).

Energy Systems Taught in this Reiki / Energy Healing 1 Workshop

Reiki, pronounced "Ray Key", corresponds to both a specific vibrational range, linked to the energy of the Earth element, and a method of using healing energy, with specific hand positions and other techniques. The first level of Reiki is mostly centred on the etheric and the physical bodies.

Rei means "Universal" ; Ki means "Life force energy". So Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy". The word Reiki is also sometimes used by some as a substitute for the words healing energy.

History & Lineage of Reiki, Seichem & Golden Dragon

The Christ Energy is a gentle and higher vibrational energy that supports one’s spiritual development and connection to a higher form of compassion, spirituality and love. The word "Christ" here does not refer to Jesus or any religion. Rather, it means a higher consciousness, a greater connection to others and to the universe.

Seichem, pronounced "Say Keem", is a system of healing which seems to originally come from Ancient Egypt, and which builds on Reiki by adding the three energies corresponding to the elements of Water, Air and Fire.

Sophi-Ei (Water): A gentle pulsing vibration which helps to push deep emotional issues to the surface.

Angelic-light (Air): Often felt as a subtle “breeze”, it facilitates balancing on the mental level, preparing for much deeper work with the Ashati energies and attunements. Air expresses the qualities of communication. This energy therefore also helps to enhance initiates’ perception and to facilitate communication with guides, teachers, ascended masters and angels during a session.

Sakara (Fire): Often felt as a tingling, like an electric current, it works on transmuting energy within an object, crystal, a person’s body and aura, etc. (transmuting “foreign” and unnecessary energies only – not a person’s own repressed emotional or mental energies, which must be released and processed into their own chakra system).

Workshop created by Jerome Baudel - Copyright

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