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"Through our lives, we all repress emotions, store unprocessed energies, construct limiting or negative beliefs, develop issues and conditions or simply let life and other people influence us against our heart's desires. We can choose to do nothing and wait, or we can choose to be the ones in charge of our own lives. Our own mind can be our worst enemy or our best ally, restrict our expansion or let us experience the abundance of this world. This work offers opportunities to heal bodies, minds and souls; it is however up to each person to decide when the time has come to start this journey."

Jerome Baudel
Founder of Ashati

Attunements Benefits of Energy Healing


Energy Healing Benefits



"It is only our own beliefs about who we are that limit our achievements, individually and collectively. And it is these same beliefs that filter our perception about our true nature and the abundance of our world. Ashati was given to us to break free from this cycle of belittlement, to find our true place in the universe, manifest our potential and expand the source of it, our consciousness." JEROME BAUDEL.


Energy Healing Attunements

The most effective and empowering form of energy healing work is initiated by what we call an energy attunement, or energy activation.

An energy attunement is a very strong healing session in itself. In addition, it permanently expands your higher chakras and gives you access to a specific range of healing energy, which you can use to perform very simple and highly enjoyable self-healings at home, whenever you want. You will also learn how to offer healings to other people, animals and plants, for example.

These energy attunements / activations are offered as part of short self-development courses in energy healing. They come with an easy to read manual and short online videos(s) to explain more about energy healing and how to do self-healings (no exams or assignments). These also provide techniques to help control and balance your own energy in your day-to-day life, such as protection, grounding, cleansing, cutting cords, meditating, etc.

These courses and energy attunements / activations are offered over distance, with the same technique and the same effects as in-person attunements since we are working on the energetic structure of your being, and this non-physical energy can be affected over distance, with the appropriate techniques.

Many of these attunements are also offered in-person during fun and inspiring group workshops, taught in various locations in Australia and internationally. These single day workshops also include additional and more intensive energy work.

Please refer to the Courses page to see the list of all the energy systems and related courses offered by Connecting Light. Beginners can start with the Healer Training program, or alternatively, with a first level individual course such as Alsemia 1 or / and Ashati 1.

Energy Healing Benefits

Everything in our universe is made up of energy, including our thoughts, emotions and physical body. Disease or ill-health often originates on an energy level and then manifests into physical symptoms. Energy healing focuses on the source of a human condition (physical or psychological) by treating the imbalances and blockages within the body’s energy field, or energy bodies, before relieving the external symptoms that we see and feel.

Energy healing increases and greatly speeds up the natural healing abilities of the body, on all its levels, by providing powerful energies, clearing blockages and detoxifying it.

Below are only some of the many examples of how energy healing through attunements and self-healing work can help you:

BODY: Achieve deep relaxation, speed up the natural healing and regeneration process of the body, boost the immune system, sleep better, work on fertility issues and much more.

Examples (Real Cases):
- Intestinal issues / conditions resolved.
- Back pain and tension released, temporarily or permanently.
- Man and woman medically unable to conceive, who now have a baby.
- Patient with Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS whose symptoms disappeared.

EMOTIONS: Rebalance your emotional energies, reconnect with repressed emotions to stop them from affecting you psychologically or physically, break emotional patterns, understand the real nature and language of your own emotions, and much more.

Examples (Real Cases):
- Reaching peace and forgiveness about a difficult childhood or relationship.
- Reconnecting with own inner child and creativity.
- Finding emotional clarity about a relationship, a career or other situations.
- Becoming less emotional and generally happier.

MIND: Find clarity, release stress and negative thoughts, free yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns, expand your perspective and knowledge, and much more.

Examples (Real Cases):
- Anxiety and depression of various degrees reduced or completely healed..
- Self-worth and self-confidence
issues brought to the surface and released.
- Limiting fears and beliefs identified / changed, which manifested into new opportunities.
- Finding a cure to the "something missing" and a general "boredom" in life.

SOUL: One of the most effective and direct ways to heal past-life traumas and other past-life influences, to reconnect with your soul and your spiritual nature, to accelerate your spiritual development, to reach new levels of intuition and other higher senses, to find your life purpose, and much more.

Examples (Real Cases):
- Permanently release a deep "unexplained'" sadness, fear or anger that originated from before this life.
- Discover a new level of awareness (soul) within yourself and its higher senses.

- Activate third eye to new and higher levels.
- Avoid feeling stress or negative emotions as often, looking at life differently.


CLEARING: Energy work also has other facets, which are essential in order to achieve better health and to develop personally and spiritually. One of these facets is energy and entity clearing.

Jerome, through his work on Ashati, has developed new and highly effective methods to scan for unnecessary energies and entity attachments, and to remove them permanently. Entities are common and are usually located in the abdomen or in the aura of a person, affecting their energy, emotions, thoughts and even health, sometimes quite dramatically. Such clearings often help to relieve symptoms, as well as to create a feeling of being lighter, happier and more energetic.


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