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Connecting Light’s students, who have received the required training to teach a specific course, are authorised to use and pass on to their students the Connecting Light manuals in their print and digital forms. All manuals are however copyright protected and must therefore be kept completely unchanged (design elements and website details included). People who wish to create their own documents based on these manuals must mention the full website URL and use their own design elements and original text (no text or portion of text can be used exactly or partially as they are in the Connecting Light manuals).

Please note that Ashati and Ascension teachers must be registered with Ashati ( in order to be authorised to pass on the Ashati energy activations and manuals. All Ashati and Ascension certificates are also provided by the Ashati organisation directly.

According to the International Copyright Laws and Agreements, court orders, other legal documents or actions may be sought against webmasters, centres and other individuals or businesses who use unauthorised material.

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