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Connecting Light
IInternational Institute of Energy Healing

Welcome to Connecting Light, International Institute of Energy Healing, based in Australia, USA, Canada, UK / Europe and Asia.

Connecting Light offers intensive and comprehensive training programs in energy healing. These transformational journeys within and into the world of energy combine carefully selected energy systems and are offered to anyone interested in holistic healing, personal and spiritual development. These integrated training programs (online and in-person) also offer advanced levels of professional training in hands-on energy healing (including Reiki and Ashati), meditation and psychic work.

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Connecting Light is one of the world’s leading providers and creators of energy healing and ascension programs, for personal and also professional development.

The institute was first opened by Jerome Baudel in Dublin, Ireland, before expanding to other venues in Australia, Europe, the USA and Canada. Connecting light programs received accreditation and recognition from various organisations and are now offered in many more locations, with a world tour of the popular Healer Training, Master Training and Ascension Training programs. These programs are also offered through online / distance learning to reach even more people worldwide.

Over the years, Jerome Baudel and the Connecting Light team have selected what it considers to be the world’s most effective and advanced energy systems, based on thorough research, high standards, the personal experience of many people with these energies, and on the strength and life-changing potential of the energy activations. Many additional courses in complementary skills such as psychic development, mediumship, soul rescue, meditation and setting up a practice, were created and regularly improved over the years by Jerome Baudel, based on his studies in psychology and energy healing, channelled information, and on his experience in facilitating programs worldwide.

The popular Ashati system was channelled directly by Jerome Baudel between 2009 and 2014. This intense and energetically demanding channelling work was poured directly into the comprehensive levels of Ashati, Alsemia and Ascension, which facilitate an intense and accelerated personal and spiritual development journey.

After a considerable investment of time and energy, Connecting Light and the Ashati Organisation launched an innovative and interactive online platform for students of both live and online programs to access content, including video tutorials, manuals, meditation tracks and other digital documents.

Connecting Light is however more than an institute of energy healing. It is an expanding international network of individuals and professionals, supporting each other, and helping more and more people each year.


Connecting Light believes in empowering people, so that they can heal and transform their own being, mind and life, achieving whatever dreams and goals they have set for themselves on a higher level, for this specific lifetime. Connecting Light believes that in order to achieve this, it is essential for people to learn about our energetic nature and the multi-dimensional universe we live in, and to also receive energy attunements / activations. These energetic changes enable anyone willing to open their mind and being to new perspectives to access powerful healing energies and to start a journey of expansion, clearing and healing.

Connecting Light ultimately believes that peace and harmony on a global scale can only be achieved by bringing peace and harmony within each of us. This philosophy is behind everything that Connecting Light does and is.


Connecting Light's programs are offered worldwide over distance (online learning and distance energy attunements / activations). In person intensive workshops (Live Workshops) are also organised in multiple locations in Australia, Asia, UK, Ireland, USA and Canada.

Connecting Light will continue to bring these workshops and other events to more and more locations worldwide.


Connecting Light is managed by a small team of people dedicated to promoting energy healing worldwide as a form of personal development, transformation and holistic healing. Keeping our processes streamlined allows us to offer affordable, high quality, life-changing and extremely comprehensive courses in energy healing and personal / psychic development.

Here are some of our team members:

Jerome Baudel  
Director & Course Facilitator

Born in Paris, France, Jerome Baudel left his home and family at age 18 in order to learn English, explore the world and experience human cultures. He started by studying and working in the USA, then in Europe for a few years, before settling in Australia between 2006 and 2014. Jerome has now become an "international citizen", and permanently travels between various locations around the world that he calls home: USA / Canada, Europe and Australia. During his university years, he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and furthered his studies with postgraduate courses in developmental and educational psychology. Jerome then pursued his love and fascination for energy healing and spirituality by training to become a practitioner and master teacher of Reiki, Seichem, the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon, and later over 40 other energy systems. He also complemented his training with Theta Healing techniques, Tarot reading, psychic development, channelling, numerology and many other disciplines of spirituality and divination. After opening his first healing practice in Dublin, Ireland, and then Sydney, Australia, Jerome offered his courses and programs internationally, with a physical base in the USA, Canada, UK / Ireland, France, Singapore, and with online courses offered worldwide in English, French, and currently expanding to other languages.

During the writing of his first book, Inner Journeys, he began receiving a large volume of channelled information, guidance and energies, and started to develop new healing and personal development techniques. This abundance of revolutionary spiritual knowledge, energies and energy activations, linked to the unique advanced energetic process of ascension, was then poured into the ground-breaking and now renowned Ashati system.

- Bachelor in Psychology
- Postgraduate Courses in Developmental and Education Psychology
- Certificate in Small Business Management
- Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate
- Seichem Master/Teacher Certificate
- The Golden Dragon Healing Order Teacheer Certificate (and High Priest)
- Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate (Level 9)
- Theta Healing level 2 Certificate
- Trained and Attuned to more than 40 other Energy Systems

- Director of Connecting Light
- Founder of the Ashati


Elsa Lafon
  Christiane Vallette
Teaching Support (French)
Teaching Support (English)

Elsa has received in-depth training in energy healing, ascension work, meditation, psychic development and many other disciplines of spirituality and holistic healing. She facilitates French language Connecting Light courses, in person and over distance. She also manages the translation of all course material from English to French, and the French speaking Facebook Groups.

Originally from France, Christiane is a qualified and experienced energy healer and teacher. She has received extensive training in various forms of energy healing, space clearing, psychic development and other disciplines of spirituality. She communicates her passion for energy healing through her work as a teacher and practitioner..

Connecting Light - Business Registration Number (Australia): 40 288 673 847

Connecting Light

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